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Dylan Lloyd
Dylan Llotd works and lives in the grounds of Canford School, a large estate near Wimborne in Dorset. The majority of his work is in response to his garden and is produced either in the artists studio that exits into the garden or in a larger studio in the nearby village.

In 2002 Dylan produced a set of twenty paintings from the parkland at Canford School. This was his first figurative project since leaving Falmouth School of Art in 1994. He returned to abstract painting before starting a new series of work in 2005 that focused on a small area of Dylan’s garden in front of the shed, where his children play and help to plant and tend the flowers. The first set of these paintings was shown in the Angelus gallery in 1996 and has since continued to be a major focus for him.

The work is a documentation of growth, change and development of the direct world around him. Members of his family appear in the paintings but their suggested presence is in all the work.

The garden paintings expanded to incorporate the current interest in the first half of the 20th Century and its effect on a number of areas of contemporary design from ceramics to textiles, interior design and book covers. References to the past are seen alongside personal ones to create a sense of nostalgia and memory. The pixilated surface with exaggerated depth of field in many of the paintings pays homage to their origins as photographic documentation.

Dylan explains "I would like the work to be viewed as a glimpse into the recent past and to evoke feelings of nostalgia but I also want it to show simplicity and personal values. As we look back at our recent history a yearning for a simple life has become attractive and desirable."

Selected Works

Dylan Lloyd - Normandy Garden
Normandy Garden
Dylan Lloyd - Dorset Garden XII
Dorset Garden XII
Dylan Lloyd - Coastal Garden III
Coastal Garden III
Dylan Lloyd - Coastal Garden V
Coastal Garden V
Dylan Lloyd - Wiltshire Garden
Wiltshire Garden