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Linda Felcey
Linda is a painter in the fine art tradition. Having studied at Grimsby School of Art and Kngston University Linda carried on practicing as a fine artist whilst simultaneously teaching in Further and Higher education. Taking time out to bring up her three children she is once again practicing full time. Linda works from a Shepherds Hut specifically designed as a studio which is located below the South Downs escarpment of Mount Caburn in Glynde, East Sussex. This unique natural setting acts as the source of much inspiration and subject matter. Sited in an old orchard surrounded by mature Willow and Poplar trees the studio provides the perfect place for her work to evolve and develop.

The paintings are inspired and based on an intimate relationship with the immediate environment, capturing a true sense of place. The works act as intricate and in depth studies of this special setting focusing on the transient seasonal and climatic forces at work within the landscape allowing the paintings to evoke sensations beyond the figurative. Moving with the ever changing seasons and their unpredictable qualities the paintings evolve in an organic and spontaneous yet challenging way, ensuring that the works obtain a constant energy, ever engaging with the viewer.

The work is begun on site, often in the more extreme conditins of a season and then refined in the studio. This combination of observation and contemplation allow the works to retain a freshness, alongside a controlled and often experimental process. Linda paints with walnut oil on linen developing thin tonal layers to obtain an infinite depth and translucency, creating a unique voluptous and silken quality to the surface. The paintings in their process question and play with the magic of paint, and its ability of suggestion, allowing the images to exist in an aesthetic blend of figurative and abstract.

Selected Works

Linda Felcey - Orchard Trees Lit with Blossom
Orchard Trees Lit with Blossom
Linda Felcey - Eventide
Linda Felcey - Evening Song
Evening Song
Linda Felcey - Into the Rye
Into the Rye
Linda Felcey - Via Viridis
Via Viridis
Linda Felcey - Drowsed in a Mist of Pollen
Drowsed in a Mist of Pollen
Linda Felcey - From all the Green
From all the Green