Kevin Darke
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Kevin Darke
Born in 1968, Kevin has been drawing and painting since his was old enough to pick up a pencil.

His enduring fascination with paint, coupled with his abiding desire to learn as much about its medium has been the driving force in Kevin’s artistic practice.

For five years he ran his own art gallery in the USA, catering to an eclectic mix of collectors and artist. Latterly to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge he enrolled as a mature student studying fine art at the University of Creative Arts, testing whether the formal structure of pastoral landscape painting can be a modern genre with contemporary critique.

Kevin believes landscape can be read like a text, it is the scene of life, pragmatic, poetic, rhetorical and polemic – a carrier of meaning.

“For I alone bring into being for myself the tradition I elect to carry on – the horizon whose distance from me would be abolished since that distance is not one of its prophecies if I alone were not there to scan it with my gaze,” - Merleau-Ponty

Kevin gets his inspiration from running cross country through the Surrey Hills and using the perspective gained from a canal boat on the River Wey, that in some ways are reminiscent of Turner; an artist much admired by Kevin as the last of the great landscape artists.

Kevin's work has now started to be recognised, finding it's way into many important collections including that of Loyd Grossman and Chrisian Levett.

Selected Works

Kevin Darke, A Moment of Clarity
A Moment of Clarity
Kevin Darke, Departure
Kevin Darke, Evening Glow, Autumn
Evening Glow, Autumn
Kevin Darke, Evening Glow, Summer
Evening Glow, Summer
Kevin Darke, Immersed
Kevin Darke, Filipendula
Kevin Darke, Filipendula II
Filipendula II
Kevin Darke, Turning Point
Turning Point
Kevin Darke, Majestic