Ewa Adams - Moments of Solitude
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Born in 1971, in Poland, Ewa Adams is a landscape painter. She originally trained as an architect. The technical and design based education may explain therefore the precision of her mark making and her attention to detail. Ewa's main areas of interest are colour and light depiction. Her painting is a contemporary take on pointillism, a style famed for high labour intensity. In this technique, the circles of pure colour are juxtaposed next to one another, and when viewed from a distance an optical interaction, a mixing of colours, is created by the eye of the spectator. The result of this is a distinctive work of incredible freshness, vibrancy and luminosity. Her bright and bold palette fills the viewer with joy and optimism.

"Moments of solitude" is her fourth solo exhibition at McAllister Thomas Gallery.

She says:

"It has been a very strange year. We were all forced to slow down and isolate. Suddenly the nature and open spaces were the only places where we could feel normal. A lot of people found the beauty of a landscape very reassuring. I hope this feeling of peace, solace and hope can be found in this latest group of my paintings. Captured in paint forever. Moments of solitude."

Exhibition Works

Ewa Adams, Blue Willow
Blue Willow
Ewa Adams, Dusk is Nearly Here
Dusk is Nearly Here
Ewa Adams, Dull Day Illuminated by Spring
Dull Day Illuminated by Spring
Ewa Adams, River Bank
River Bank
Ewa Adams, Serenity
Ewa Adams, Summer Bliss
Summer Bliss
Ewa Adams, When the Evening Falls
When the Evening Falls
Ewa Adams, Hazy Sunshine
Hazy Sunshine
Ewa Adams, Summer Fields and Meadows
Summer Fields and Meadows
Ewa Adams, Happy Afternoon
Happy Afternoon
Ewa Adams, Wonder
Ewa Adams, Canal Walk
Canal Walk
Ewa Adams, Summer Pond
Summer Pond
Ewa Adams, Ancient Road, St Swithuns Way
Ancient Road St Swithuns Way
Ewa Adams, Morning by the Pond
Morning by the Pond
Ewa Adams, Emerald Forest
Emerald Forest
Ewa Adams, Distant Shadows
Distant Shadows
Ewa Adams, Sandy Path
Sandy Path
Ewa Adams, Fields of Gold
Fields of Gold